Captain Fawcetts Physician Zam-buk Herbal Soap Bar


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When the great escapologist magician Harry Houdini survived yet another death defying stunt, what did he use to soothe handcuff bruises and rope burns? Why it was Zam-Buk of course!
The world renowned green wonder embrocation!
Zam-Buk is now available as a delightfully cooling soap and thanks to his chums at The Curiosity Society, presented as a very special Captain Fawcett Limited Edition. This blend of essential oils with known natural antiseptic and healing properties is celebrated by soldiers, explorers, daredevils, field nurses and family physicians alike!
It’s the formula for keeping Britain clean!
Lather up chums!
Size: 85g / 3oz
PLUS 10% of all proceeds will go to

NHS Charities Together
Huzzah! πŸ’™


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